Anzilotti Natale & Figli s.r.l. was officially born at the end of WWII, although the experience of its founder dates back almost 100 years. Since the very beginning, the young sons of Natale Anzilotti (Aldo, Walter, Giuseppe and Carlo) fully participate in the company’s activities. Post-war Italy is in ruins and everyone has to start over. There are no Saturdays or Sundays for resting. There is no electrical power at the start, either, so manual workmanship is the only solution. The company is also involved in the realm of construction material: brick ceilings to rebuild the homes destroyed, especially in mountain villages.
And just when there seems to be a positive outlook for the future, in 1958 the father and founder of the company suddenly passes away. But the four brothers do not lose their courage and, although there are people willing to help them, they concentrate full-force on their work. Each with his own task. The scope: to continue on!
In forty years, Anzilotti Natale & Figli s.r.l. has accumulated expertise, above all in the field of marble, and in particular it has earned the trust and appreciation of its clientele.
Presently, the company is managed by the third generation: brothers Vittorio and Enrico Anzilotti who have put to good use what has been handed down to them by their predecessors.

Giuseppe Anzilotti