Materia, the new concept

Chaise Longue Magic Carpet By Arch. Marco Baxadonne

Parete Hole By Corcione Tinucci Architects

Parete Infinito by Arch. Oreste Ruggiero

Parete Crocodile

Parete Crocodile White

Parete Farfalla

Parete Ricciolo

Parete Petali

Parete Tralcio

Parete Zebren

Parete Tip Tap By Corcione Tinucci Architects

Mattonella Tip Tap By Corcione Tinucci Architects


MATERIA is a new line of designer objects for home furnishings. Anzilotti presents Materia, the new brand name of a concept that unites cutting-edge technology and tradition, artisan craftsmanship and research. Through skilled processing, marble becomes a light material in a game of voids and volumes that exalts the harmony of the shapes. Materia is marble in its multiplicity of forms.